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private lessons

Private lessons are used to deal with specific issues, to establish a foundation of commands before attending a group class, or to develop and refine a specialized skill.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our fee is $100/hour (plus hst).


group lessons

  • Reliable RECALL
  • BASIC Obedience
  • LEASH Manners
  • RALLY Obedience

Check the schedule for class times, descriptions & fees. 


BASIC Training for the Family Pet


Dogs thrive on structure, leadership and consistency.  Knowing how to communicate with your dog will help make both your lives peaceful and enjoyable.  You may have a new puppy in your home, or you may have an older dog that just needs a refresher course.  Come to this 6 week course and learn the skills you need to make your home a happy, canine home.  In addition to learning the basic commands of Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Heel, we will also address some possible challenging behaviours like jumping up, nipping, meeting new people/dogs, and excessive barking.

ADVANCED Training for the Family Pet   

(pre-req: BASIC Training)        


Your dog has now learned to sit, down, stay, heel & come.  Now we build on these skills by introducing distance (how far can you walk away and have your dog maintain a sit/down), duration (how long can your dog maintain a sit/down/heel), distractions (can your dog maintain a heel with food in it's path?  Will he/she come to you if there's a ball being thrown?)   There are practical, real-life situations where these skills are important.  Let's keep learning and have more fun.


Reliable RECALL 


In my opinion, the most important "trick" you can teach your dog is to COME!  There are 5 main reasons why  your dog will not COME to you when you RECALL him/her.  We discuss these reasons in detail. Join us for this 6-week course where we will use restrained recalls, competing motivators, and distractions to convince your dog that coming to you is the best event in the world. 



It's just another dog trick - Really!.  If you've ever walked your dog and become frustrated because he/she pulls ahead all the time, or lags behind, or won't stop sniffing the grass, or suddenly darts to the end of the leash to chase a squirrel, then you need this class.  Learn how to shape behaviour so that the timing of your reward communicates to the dog where the reinforcement zone is.  No more pulled shoulders; no more leash burns on your hands.  Start enjoying your canine walks again!

Intro to AGILITY 


Whether your intention is to compete in the sport of Agility, or to just have some fun with your dog, come out and see if Agility is the activity for you.  This 6 week course is a great way to introduce yourself to this exciting sport.  By using the technique of shaping behaviour, you will teach your dog how to target, how to move away from you, how to run through a tunnel, how to weave through weave poles, and more!



Now that you've completed the Intro to AGILITY course, take your dog to the next level by introducing new equipment.  We will now work with a full size tunnel, a teetertotter, an A-Frame, weave-poles, pause table, tire jump.  Learn the tricks to sequence faster, and watch your dog have fun.



It's the new dog sport, and every dog is qualified!!  Humans can distinguish articles between colours, shapes, sex, etc.  Dogs distinguish articles by scents.  Learn how to train a focused response and how to properly time the reward.  You will engage your dog's body & mind and will enhance his/her relationship with you.  And it's FUN!!


SHAPING - How to Teach Tricks 


This class is where you and your dog will use your obedience training skills to have some wacky
fun.  The trainer's good timing, and precise placement of a reward, will guide the dog along the learning path to success.  Have you ever wondered how that guy watching a hockey game gets his dog to grab him a beer in the
fridge??  SHAPING! 



Rally Obedience combines the sport of Obedience with the sport of Agility to produce a sport that dogs and handlers at all levels of training may participate.  Rally-0 uses directional signs to run through a numbered course within an allotted time.  The handlers are allowed to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their leg or any verbal means of encouragement but are not allowed to touch their dog or make physical corrections.  Attitude & Teamwork are the most important elements for this sport.

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