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private lessons

Private lessons are used to deal with specific issues, to establish a foundation of commands before attending a group class, or to develop and refine a specialized skill.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our fee is $100/hour (plus hst).


group lessons

  • Reliable RECALL
  • BASIC Obedience
  • LEASH Manners
  • RALLY Obedience

Check the schedule for class times, descriptions & fees. 


Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

Claudia and I just want to thank you again for your help with Sammy. His recall is now off the charts. At the dog park all we have to do is call his name and he charges back to us (mostly) and if he doesn’t then he does when we say come.  This AM C let him off leash in the park to play and run with his friend Zeus and he came immediately when C called him.  All three times. We’re very grateful for your help (and Dusan’s too) in getting Sammy to this point. He gets more freedom and we are breathing much easier knowing he’ll come back when called and we won’t have to chase him down.

All the best, 

Claudia and Steve

Last weekend he attended two events at the Taste of the Kingsway festival in Etobicoke.  
At the Dog Show Wendel won 1st prize in one of the categories!!!!!.
More importantly he behaved extremely well around other dogs; this was a test as there were dogs that came within two feet of him and all different breeds and temperments.  Not once did he lunge or scream; this is even more impressive when you factor in the crowds of people, loud music, carnival rides, etc., all going on.  
The next day he participated in the Dog Walk with over 20 dogs of different breeds and again, with the exception of one minor issue, behaved extremely well.   Add to these accomplishments is his participation in the Terry Fox walk/run today at High Park.  This is another event with many people, dogs and noise and once again, no issues.
Today he actually sat at the park entrance at High Park and Bloor to have his picture taken in front of the event sign, while traffic, people and dogs went by.
I am extremely happy for him, although I realize that he still has improvements to make.
Thanks to both of you for your help. 

Hi Livia and Dusan: I just wanted to say thank you for the very effective loose leash walking and shaping for tricks courses that Molly (Australian Shepherd) and I completed with you in the fall of 2013.  My walks with Molly have improved and she knows now to stop at the curb and wait for other people and dogs to pass.  The best improvement is that she pays attention to me on our walk. 

The shaping for tricks course was both insightful and fun.  Molly has learned how to put her toys away in her toy box, stand on a pedestal to be crowned the winner and roll over.  What I found to be very effective in this course is that it is not about learning a specific trick, but to learn how to shape behavior so that you can teach any trick!


You both approach your training with patience and positive reinforcement.  And that is for the humans in the class! After all, you are training the owners, not the dogs!



My little darling Mini Australian Shepherd had her fair share of "issues" when we met Livia.  Turns out they weren"t all HER issues!  They were mine too!!  Livia has a natural and unmistakable talent for almost instantly seeing through the mixed messages from master to dog and helps both to work through them!  Diva hasn't even met her full potential yet and is one of the most popular and well trained dogs on the street!!  THANK YOU LIVIA


p.s. She is now also a welcome guest in people's homes since she can be trusted to behave herself! 

Margo & DIVA 


From our very first session, I was amazed at Livia's ability to convey to my dog Eddie what she wanted him to do and easily get him to obey.  Her calm energy works wonders with Eddie and inspires me.


Jeanette & EDDIE 

I got in touch with Livia about a year after we rescued Chase.  Chase and I were having a hard time developing our relationship.  He would not listen to me, our walks were extremely stressful and neither of us really trusted each other. 


After a few one-on-one sessions with Livia, I learned that a lot of my issues with Chase were just that - my issues. 


Livia doesn't just teach your dog how to be a great dog, she teach you how to be a great dog owner.  Chase and I have an amazing relationship now, thanks to Livia's hard work, patience (mostly with me) and genuine dedication to Chase and to me.

Angela & CHASE 

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