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private lessons

Private lessons are used to deal with specific issues, to establish a foundation of commands before attending a group class, or to develop and refine a specialized skill.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our fee is $100/hour (or $88.50 plus hst).


group lessons

  • Reliable RECALL
  • BASIC Obedience
  • LEASH Manners
  • RALLY Obedience

Check the schedule for class times, descriptions & fees. 


Dog Training For All Walks Of Life

I love dogs.  That's where this all began.  They've been a joyful and rewarding part of my life for nearly 30 years.


I've always trained my own dogs, realizing early on that I seemed to have an intuitive gift for nurturing that amazing human/dog bond that can only be achieved with time and patience and skill.  It's easy to generalize about breed-specific behaviours, but I quickly learned to appreciate that every dog is different - and every dog owner is different.


Over the years, friends and neighbours with dogs began to ask for advice and guidance, and I was glad to help.  My inclination to start my own dog training service was supported by many, but I knew I could benefit from professional development.  That's why I embarked on a 600-hour dog training apprenticeship in 2010.  It was an intense and demanding education that served to add proven methodologies and techniques to my own training experience.   And that's when I decided to start Canine Rainbow Dog Training.



My goal is simple - to provide clients with the useful tools and resources that will help them achieve the kind of happy home that every dog owner yearns for.  It's never too late to teach an old dog new behaviour.  And it's never too soon to start training a new puppy.  We all learn as we go, and dogs can make it a wonderful journey.


  • BE CONSISTENT - always mark desired behaviour
  • BE PATIENT - allow your dog to realize that their behaviour can make good things happen
  • BE FAIR - don't get upset if your dog doesn't get it.  Figure out how you can improve your training skills, style, or technique.


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